Quick & Yummy Healthy Strawberry “Cheesecake”

We don’t eat much sugar, but we all want to enjoy treats now and again, yes?  🙂

Here’s Wendy’s favorite super QUICK, “healthy” &  decadent dessert which is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free super yummy strawberry “cheesecake”.  I love that we can keep the ingredients in the freezer and have dessert available if we have people over for dinner spontaneously.  Even family members who don’t eat like we do didn’t realize there was no cheese in the cheesecake!!  

  • Buy a Daiya frozen cheesecake and defrost according to instructions.
  • Put frozen strawberries, a few dates (to add sweetness according to your preference), and a little water in a blender.  Blend and you have an AMAZING strawberry sauce.  (It also works on pancakes!)
  • Just a small piece is very satisfying in my experience!  😉


Do you have any favorite dessert or treat recipes low in sugar and dairy, gluten and soy free?  We want to know!!  Please share below…