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I loved Wendy’s class as it empowered my mind body and spirit..  I’m hooked!!!”

Wendy is not only a fantastic teacher, but her class material is completely addicting.  I love the way she makes each one of us feel welcomed, encouraged, and part of a community within every gathering.  I always leave feeling uplifted, clear minded, empowered and inspired.  I highly recommend her class!!”

WOW!  Wendy’s class is amaaazing!  The combination of exercise with Affirmations brings an integration that doesn’t happen anywhere else!!!  Wendy presents in a way that I feel like she’s talking just to me! Her presence is delightful, authentic, joyful, fun, alive, precious, supportive and I leave class feeling vibrant and nurtured, knowing all is well in my body and in my world.”

intenSati with Wendy is a joy to experience. She adds so much of her personality and shares her success as well as struggles. It makes you feel not just worthy, but as if you can overcome anything, during the workout and beyond.

Wendy makes a real workout seem fun and effortless. You hardly believe you’ve finished when it’s over. You just want to keep dancing and keep up the energy.”

I’ve waited a long time for a class like this – I’ve checked out many aerobics classes, but never found one that worked for me until Wendy’s class. I am a Movement Facilitator myself and this class has given me what I’ve been searching for for many years!!!!  Thank you, Wendy!!”

Wendy’s intenSati class is a beautiful way to work out with a positive twist. She caters to all levels with enthusiasm and compassion. I thoroughly enjoy her class and it always puts me in a better mood!”

After an intenSati session with Wendy, I felt such personal empowerment and confidence, I tackled a long overdue task of calling the utility companies and reducing my monthly bills. I wonder what else I can accomplish, with Wendy’s encouragement during the dance?”

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