Noetic Aura Balancing

Energy Medicine / Noetic Field Therapy

Would you like to:

      • reduce stress and anxiety?
      • feel more peaceful and relaxed?
      • gain perceptual clarity?
      • feel greater joy and confidence?
      • increase your energy?
      • improve your physical health?
      • awaken more to your divinity?
Noetic balancing can assist by removing imbalances in your human energy field and aura. Physical toxins, traumas, and drugs get stored in the aura as well as internal challenges such as limiting beliefs, judgements, emotions, and perceptions which create blocks in our auras and lives. Removing the blocks allows for healing and restores the natural energy flow resulting in feelings of peace and harmony. The intention of a balancing is to bring all levels into alignment with the Truth of who you are and clear emotional/mental/karmic patterns that distort your knowing, experiencing and expressing that Truth and the gift that you are more fully in all areas of your life.
Noetic Aura Balancing is offered by Wendy in Westlake Village, CA on a sliding scale for all who are interested.  Please contact Wendy or call 818-964-1112 for more information and scheduling.
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How Energy Medicine Can Help

In Noetic Aura Balancing we address blockages of energy in the auric (energy) field around the physical body. The practitioner finds these blocks by spiritual vision or hands scanning and is able to assist the client to experience transformation and balance. The use of the hand and pendulum enhances the therapeutic focus. Transformation and healing occurs through an alliance of spiritual and soul energies, and our own self-forgiveness. Once the block is discerned and attuned to, it may clear silently, or may include an exploration into related beliefs and judgments.

The practitioner assists clients to change, reframe, or forgive themselves for the blocking beliefs or judgments. There is also a conduit for the flow of spiritual energy (such as chi, dharma, or Holy Spirit) which helps release the blocks and balances the auric field. The block clears because you are working from the place inside you defined by your wholeness. When the distortions are gone, the field is once again fluid and smooth and life is therefore smoother too. There is no bad energy, just energy displaced. We aren’t the wound, we are our relationship to the wound. Balancing puts energy back in place.

Noetic Field Therapy History

Phineus Parkhurst Quimby was a transcendentalist healer practicing during the mid 1800′s who made a significant contribution to the new thought movement in the US. He defined true science as the understanding that existed beyond our rational understanding, transcended all ideological and religious boundaries, and embraced a universal true spiritual force within us that could be called the Quantum Christ.

In 1964, Dr. Neva Dell Hunter blended Quimby’s science with her understanding of the human energy fields and developed aura balancing with John-Clarke McDougall including the use of a pendulum. This technique facilitated deep work within the psyche and the aura without the need to touch the physical body. Ellavivian Power describes this work in her book, The Auric Mirror. They found that the aura becomes distorted, blocked, or unbalanced by judgments we make about our life experiences, which in turn can cause physical illnesses or other manifestations. And at the core of these auric imbalances are feelings that lie deep within. Dr. Hunter and Ellavivian Power combined auric healing sessions with self-forgiveness to allow the release of energy blocks in the aura that perpetuate disharmony.

Recently Dr. Robert Waterman has combined the energy work techniques of Quimby and Dr. Hunter, and the philosophies of Husseri, Emerson, Steiner, and John-Roger to form Noetic Field Therapy. Dr. Waterman describes this technique in his book Through the Eyes of Soul, Theory and Practice of Noetic Field Therapy. Noetic Field Therapy is a spiritual approach to inner harmony, clarity, and alignment. Through prayer, an attunement is made to transcendental energies, creating an opportunity to change any emotional attitudes or mental judgments that may be blocking the energy flow. This process occurs in a very supportive non-adversarial and non-coercive way. There are no imposed attitudes or beliefs. Any suggestions made are given as options that may assist in clearing and balancing the energy field. The balancing process will not exceed the limits that are appropriate as expressed by your own intuitive determination of the highest good.

Preparation for a Session

A client need only have openness and desire for greater health, well-being, and happiness. They can try one session or we’ve found it helpful to do a series of three sessions spaced two or more weeks apart. A session may last between 60-90 minutes or sometimes longer. The sessions work on the physical level, then emotional level, then mental & spiritual levels. All three can be addressed in each session or sometimes there may be more time spent in one area. (For example balancing the physical aura to clear out past recreational drug usage.) Depending on the circumstances, there may be exceptions. After the first three, a balancing every six months to a year seems beneficial.

After a Session

The balancing process continues for three days after the actual session has ended. During this time, the individual completes any processing and adapts to any changes. This period of adjustment provides a new baseline upon which the subconscious can regulate the psyche. For that reason, we ask that the client abstain from alcohol, recreational drug use, and sex for those three days. Alcohol and drugs may disrupt the transformative changes and disperse the new organization of energy. Sexual intimacy is very powerful and, until the changes stabilize, may be confusing on the subtle levels. Recreational drugs always act against the balancing process and should not be used when developing a strong, aligned, balanced aura. (This includes all forms of marijuana.)

We also recommend that the client take life as it comes for the three days. Changes are often deep and can be accompanied by symptoms such as minor flu, thoughts or emotions. On the other hand, the client may experience a great peace or joy. In any case, by the end of the three days, the client will have adjusted to the changes and have a new sense of what is normal. With each session, the client becomes more and more skillful in using the balancing session and maintaining and promoting balance in general.


The effects of the aura balancing may be as subtle as feeling more peaceful or as dramatic as experiencing bliss, greater clarity, or transformation. Our souls are rich with awakening power. When we reach down into ourselves and call forward the strength within us, the universe responds in kind. Life brings to us what we pay attend to. Dwell on victim, the universe brings us victim experiences. Dwell on our wholeness and divinity, and we will see the face of the divine looking back at us through life itself. Eventually, no one is an enemy. If there is an enemy, it is the thoughts that coax us away from the truth of our holiness. The bottom-line-purpose of life is to awaken to our divinity and then realize that all else follows. Our lives are the fulfillment of a spiritual promise.